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Events Costa Blanca

Semana Santa

Holy Week is a huge event, with lavish processions taking place throughout the week. The most spectacular are held in Murcia City, Cartagena, Jumilla, Lorca and Cieza.
Martes Santo

On Holy Tuesday, an earsplitting parade of drummers processes through Mula during the Gran Tamborada . There are other tamboradas at Moratalla on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.
Viernes Santo

Good Friday has a special significance in Murcia City. The week’s processions culminate with a parade of gilded pasos (floats) featuring sculptures by the Baroque artist Francisco Salzillo.
Fiestas de Primavera

Murcia City’s Spring Fiesta (from the Tuesday following Easter Sunday) begins with the bizarre ritual of the Burial of the Sardine, a joyful Battle of the Flowers, and the Bando de la Huerta , a parade of amusing, satirical floats.
Fiestas de la Cruz de Caravaca

In the first week of May, Caravaca commemorates ancient legends and miracles with processions of “knights” on horseback and other traditional events in the Festival of the Cross of Caravaca.
Carnavales (Carnival)

Carnival is an excuse to party hard across the region. Águilas really goes to town as parades process riotously through the streets and parties erupt in every bar and square.
Fiesta de Cartigeneses y Romanos

Mock battles between Moors and Christians are common in the Costa Blanca. In Cartagena’s Festival of the Carthaginians and the Romans, held in September, the mock battles commemorate the expulsion of the Romans from the city.
Fiesta de la Vendimia

Jumilla celebrates its ancient Wine Harvest Festival in the last two weeks of August.
San Javier’s International Festival of Theatre, Music and Dance

One of the biggest cultural events on the Murcian calendar, San Javier’s International Festival of Theatre, Music and Dance is a great opportunity to see international performers at venues across the city.